A Third Vision

Americans are asked to choose between two visions of wage serfdom.

The Democratic vision runs roughly thus: Yes, wage serfdom is the lot of most, but we can make it tolerable by constraining our corporate overlords using the might of the state. And many of you can enjoy security by being a wage serf for the government itself.

The Republic vision is roughly thus: No! Government is the more dangerous overlord. Unleash the corporations and their managers and prosperity will rain down upon all.

The third vision is split between the two major factions. The two major parties take turns serving betraying it. The third vision is free agency, being your own boss or switching bosses at will. It is a vision of an economy dominated by small farms and small businesses, with big business and big government confined to those domains where the economies of scale are overwhelming.

Finance and Freedom is devoted to fleshing out this third vision: what it is and how to get there.



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